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We have a reliable, dedicated server completely managed and controlled by us. Since the server has much more hosting capacity than what is required by our in-house processes, we offer hosting services to our clients based on their requirements. This way they not only get dedicated hosting service that is secure, fast and more affordable than shared hosting but also the trustworthy technical support of ManiWebify.

Online in less than 3 minutes

Your website will be ready and online in less than 3 minutes from the order confirmation

Development and Staging

Enable free unlimited development environments to test and edit your sites in production

Migration included

Run the migration of your site on Host independently or contact our Team at your disposal 365 days a year

Application Manager

Install and update the most popular CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla! and many others

Performance and Speed

SSD infrastructure, scalable CPU and RAM resources to guarantee a real number of visitors per month and HTTP 2.0 on all Hosting profiles

Security and Backup

Protection against hacker attacks and overloads with daily backup up to 90 days to protect your website

Proactive monitoring

Every 60 minutes we measure the status, response times and visibility of all services and intervene in case of problems

Support very fast

Email us and we will answer you Quickly. Write to us we will reply within 15 minutes to e-mails, 365 days a year

Why Choose Us

We provide you with all the space that you need to make your dream from that starry night come true. Our hosting service owns and oversees infrastructure, software and administrative tasks and makes the system available to clients, usually over the Internet. Our web hosting services allow you to publish your web pages on a centrally managed system that is secure, reliable and easily recoverable, and offers a reduced risk of server downtime.

Our Promise

No landlord rants, no complaints! We’ll gracefully accept you in our world.

Exceedingly Reliable

Ensured reliability with negligible downtime over an entire year

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical team is always there for any kind of support at anytime

Substantial Space

Get server space according to your needs without any constraints

Multiple Domains

Freedom to create multiple domains and sub domains

Own Admin Control

Personal credentials to have full and independent access of the server

Highly Affordable

Despite having world class quality and support, we are highly affordable.


We'll do everything we can to make long term relationship with you!