A process that delights

We’ve fine tuned our process to meet the level of expectations our customers deserve. We guarantee a process that ends in smiles.



So you’ve placed your order, this is where everything begins. Our business analysts understand the clients’ requirements and think of all the possible solutions. Keeping your brand at the center, they propose the most suitable web solution. If we have any questions or suggestions, we will let you know and go over everything together one on one. Once everything is clear, we’ll start working on your project.


Great front-end development takes skill and craft to deliver impeccable results. Well-planned intelligent markup takes analysis and experience. Solid implementation projects involve deep investigations into how things should be done. Project manager will decide who is the best fit for your project.


All the developers assigned to your project are trained internally to maintain the high-quality standards of MANIWEBIFY®. Working on one project at a time assures dedicated project focus and a rapid turnaround, thus ensuring clients always receive top-notch and the most intelligent markup and implementation development.

Quality Assurance

After finishes your project, our quality assurance phase starts. This is where project manager, our quality assurance team, and the developer(s) all meet together to make sure everything is perfect and exactly the way you wanted. This includes cross-browser and -device testing, ensuring your conversion is pixel perfect, reviewing markup, thorough testing of your implementation, and auditing the final project checklist.


Once the project is complete, your project manager will deliver a preview for you to review and to make sure everything is flawless. If you have any questions, need any assistance, want to make some changes, or in the rare case, find we missed something, Project manager and Developer(s) will be right there helping you through the process and making sure you are completely satisfied.